Acorn Nut Flexible Silicone Mold, Fondant, Candy, Chocolate, Food Safe, Polymer Clay, Resin Mold, Epoxy and so much more

$13.50 (as of November 11, 2019, 1:34 pm)

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Acorn silicone mold creates four flat backed acorns measuring:

1 & 1/8th inch x 7/8ths inch x 7/16ths inch thick.

Acorn samples aren’t included.

Mold release isn’t needed, mold can also be heated as much as 400 degrees or used within the freezer.

Food protected but don’t use your mold for food in case you have used other materials in it such as resin, this may cause cross contamination. Soft flexible mold works with many materials for crafts such as resin, epoxy, polymer clay and for food such as fondant, chocolate, candy, mints, butter, ice.

Measurements listed are of the finished piece the mold creates, the material you use can make a slight difference as some materials shrink when drying.

Silicone and mold are made in the us.